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There are frequent improvements (and occasional bug fixes) to AKCL.
Although these have not regularly been reported to this mailing list,
those who are curious can inspect the file c/ChangeLog in the AKCL
distribution for notes on these changes.  Here are a few recent lines
from that file.

Mon Oct  2 08:48:30 1989  Bill Schelter  (wfs at rascal)

	* Many changes to the compiler to support &optional, &rest
	&key args to be passed on the C stack.  This is still limited
	to functions proclaimed to return one value.
	* Allow user to grow the stacks from top level [see *multiply-stacks*
	* Code for making proclamation files and collecting
	cross referencing data in cmpnew/collectfn.lisp.   This
	is to allow a second compile of a system to take advantage
	of information obtained in the first compile.
	* catch-fatal added.
	* read.d float read fixed for little endian machines.
	* do,prog,prog* and do* compilation fixed so that declare's
	at the beginnning of the bodies	which are hidden by macros, are
	detected and processed.
	* :dynamic-extent declaration recognized to allow &rest
	* proclaimed functions with one return value, will now be
	compiled to use the C stack even if they have more than 10 args.