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Re: trace

> Recent versions of AKCL have a TRACE with many more features, thanks
> to Matt Kaufmann.  Documentation is in doc/trace.  Keywords include
> :cond :entrycond :entry :exitcond :exit :depth.

Great!  I've been using a tracer ported from another Common Lisp and
have always wanted one with fewer restrictions on it's distribution.
I sometimes think of writing one myself, but...

Anyway, I _have_ written a few useful things for KCL and would
like to make them available.  Since I'm on the wrong continent
for most people to ftp from here, what is the best way to do
this?  If someone kept a KCL library, that might be useful.

Jeff Dalton,                      JANET: J.Dalton@uk.ac.ed             
AI Applications Institute,        ARPA:  J.Dalton%uk.ac.ed@nsfnet-relay.ac.uk
Edinburgh University.             UUCP:  ...!ukc!ed.ac.uk!J.Dalton