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AKCL on Apollo

We would be very interested in your work in porting AKCL to the Apollo DN3500
running Domain/OS 10.2, as I was planning on attempting this at some point.
Please see the new file apollo-akcl-1-179.tar.Z, which Prof. Schelter has
recently posted to ~ftp/pub on rascal.ics.utexas.edu -- it contains the
modifications to Version 1.179 that Prof. Schelter made in order to get
AKCL to run under Domain/OS 10.1.  Note, however, that we never got the
dynamic linking to work properly.  Good luck with it.

   Gregory R. Siebers  | MAIL: P.O. Box 200195, Austin, TX 78720
    MCC CAD Program    | ARPA: siebers@mcc.com
     (512) 338-3656    | UUCP: ...!cs.utexas.edu!milano!cadillac!siebers