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KCL/AKCL under MSDOS on a laptop

Does anybody know if KCL or AKCL can be compiled to run
under MSDOS? The reason I am asking is that I am thinking
of buying a laptop and want to figure out how large a
configuration I would need to run as good a lisp as I can.
So here are the questions:

1. Has anybody done it, so I don't have to reinvent the wheel?
2. Does anybody know a-priori why it couldn't be done?
3. Which C compiler should I use if I want to try it myself?
4. How much main memory and how much disk space would be required?
5. Could it run on a 286 based machine or would it need a 386?
6. If KCL/AKCL won't run, does anybody know of an alternate
   CommonLisp which would run under MSDOS on a suitably
   configured 286 or 386 laptop. Which is the best available?

        Thanks in advance,