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Unix 386 port.

I am trying to port KCL minver 257 to SCO SysV Unix 3.2 
and am having problems.

I am using mp386.defs with the rcc (reall (att) cc), unoptimised.

* I needed to add SHELL=/bin/sh, SCO doesn't seem to recognise the #!/bin/sh.

* evalmacros.data, cmpspecial.data and move-if-changed
are filenames bigger that 14 chars, producing an Error.
AT&T may remove this restriction in the next couple of decades but I would
suggest that they be renamed to evalmacs and cmpspec, as I have done.
There is a wierd reference to evalmacros in xbin/relink-script.

Also, rcc does not recognise the volitile keyword.

It successfully links raw_kcl but fails when trying to run it with the following
message during the ../lsp/module.o initialization:-

'DEFVAR undefined signaled by an anonymous function', and then
'2 is an illegal ihs index signalled by Universal-Error-Function',
thence '0 is an illegal index...' a few times and then it dies.

I note that defvar is defined in the evalmacros module that gave me
trouble earlier but it seemed to initialize ok.
Any Ideas?

  1) What are the attbin, attport areas.
  2) What is libccall
  3) kcN seams to be a cut down compilerless kcl,
     should I try to make it instead?