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Addition to KCL mailing list

I have been browsing the KCL mailing list archive and it appears
that "you" are the main point of contact.  At the moment I am sending
in the KCL agreement and plan to download KCL and AKCL within the week.

I notice that the latest version I see is KCL of July 8, 1989 and ACKL
of Aug 20, 1990 (1.492).  Seeing something this recent tells me that
it is continually being upgraded and "improved".  For this reason I
though it appropriate to request you add my name to your list.  I don't
know how long we will be using KCL but for now...

FYI: we plan on using KCL on a Sun SPARC to act as a replacement for a
Symbolics 3640.  {Not my decision, managements...}

Thank you...				Steve