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Re: A bug in THROW

Thanks to R. Harris for the bug report.    [Also thanks to him for
error condition package!].

Here is a fix for the throw bug:

In cmpcatch.lsp, alter c2throw to:

(defun c2throw (tag val &aux (*vs* *vs*) loc)
  (wt-nl "{frame_ptr fr;")
  (case (car tag)
    (LOCATION (setq loc (caddr tag)))
    (VAR  (setq loc (cons 'var (third tag))))	
    (t (setq loc (list 'vs (vs-push)))
       (let ((*value-to-go* loc)) (c2expr* tag))))

  (wt-nl "fr=frs_sch_catch(" loc ");")
  (wt-nl "if(fr==NULL) FEerror(\"The tag ~s is undefined.\",1," loc ");")
  (let ((*value-to-go* 'top)) (c2expr* val))
  (wt-nl "unwind(fr," loc ");}")