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Dear KCL users,

        I'm trying to install AKCL (version 1.65 Sep 1988)+KCL
(version June 1988) in a Sparc server 390 (with the TACC
acelerator) running the UNIX 4.1.1 system.

        The C compilations run OK, but when the loader (ld) is
called to build "raw_kcl" the following error occurs:

        defmacro.o: Bad secondary magic number

        It should be noted that "defmacro.o" is the first file in
the loader options that is originally writen in Lisp and
compiled into C, with the C compiled version available in the
distribution tape.

        During the installation, this type of files are generated
through the following commands:

        cc -c defmacro.c
        cat defmacro.data >> defmacro.o

        I suspect that the problem is related to this "cat" command
which somehow modifies the magic number of the ".o" file.


        Is someone out there that has already had that problem ?

        Is there a new version of AKCL adapted to the 4.1.1 system ?

        Can this be related with the server 390 architecture ?

        Any help will be highly appreciated !

        Thanks in advance,

                Guilherme Bittencourt (INPELAC@BRFAPESP.BITNET)