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passing data types in Kyoto

I have tried to run the following program:

	(defcfun "int test(x) object x;" 0

	%  int i;

	%  for(i=0; i<x->v.v_dim; i++)
	%     printf("x[%d] = %d\n", i, x->v.v_self[i]);
	%  Creturn((int)0);

	(defentry testl (object)(int test))

	(setq x (vector 3 4 5))
	(testl x)

and I don't get the correct output.

You said in your earlier letter that I had to get a argument off the
value stack vs_base[???] where ??? is the argument number.  I am not
sure I follow this. 

Thank You for your help,

tony castellano