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How to get AKCL working on a NeXT.

How to get AKCL running on a NeXT.

Compile akcl on a SUN3 (or perhaps some other 68K machine).
Copy the binary to a NeXT.  Suppose akcl is the name of the binary.
On the NeXT do "atom akcl nakcl" to create nakcl, a binary which will
run on the next.  This binary can do everything except load files which
it compiles.  The reason is that the assembler on the NeXT creates
Mach-O files instead of the a.out files which nakcl expects.
To fix this problem, get the gas source from prep.ai.mit.edu,
and (on the SUN3 again) compile an assembler (using -Bstatic in CFLAGS).
Copy the assembler binary to the next and use atom to create an
"as" which will run on the NeXT and output files in a.out format.
Put the "as" ahead of the native NeXT as in your load path and
now nakcl can compile and load lisp.

I tried the save command and it saved a file almost exactly *4 times*
the size of the original image.  That is clearly a bug.  
If someone fixes it, please send me the new save code.

David Binger