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C in KCL

Dear KCL users,

        in early versions of KCL it was possible to integrate C
functions in KCL in the following way:

%more func.c
int f (int x)
        /* A C function */
%more funl.lsp
(defentry fl (int)(int f))
%lc funl
Compiling funl.lsp
%cat funl.data >>funl.o
%cc -c func.c
%ld funl.o func.o -o fun.o
KCL ......

>(load "fun")

And fl would call the C f function ....

In the present version (530) I could only make it work with the
"Clines" function, but I have some software that NEEDS the
previous version.

Does anybody know how can I do that ?

Thanks in advance,

Guilherme Bittencourt (INPELAC@BRFAPESP.BITNET)