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AKCL on the NeXT

   Date: Thu, 30 May 91 09:41:45 -0600
   From: yih%atom@cs.utah.edu (Benny Yih)
   X-Face:  /Bfm"1f8)#Y9v%,e0E:XDrW_:u_<H=Um+@BF39mqJa!xDw|nQyK{iIs,`$kEy[h^zm}VU"F

           I vaguely recall someone discussing a roundabout method to get akcl
   onto a NeXT box.  It involved building a working akcl on a Sun3 & dragging the
   executable w/ appropriate incantations onto the NeXT box.
           You could probably rumage around in the backissue archives (@cli.com ?)
   and find that thread.

           luck,	benny

Yes. I there is a program on NeXT  called "atom" that  transforms Sun3 a.out
type files to NeXT.  But there are a  few things that   don't work and  your
stuck because you don't know what atom does.