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the proper use of system:error-set ?????

	Hello all,

	I've been trying to port a neural net package to akcl 1.530 and I've 
run into a few problems that I hope someone can help with.  The one problem 
that I can't figure out is the proper use of si:error-set.  I've read the 
(help) entry for it, and it seems to make sense, but I'm still a bit 
fuzzy abut exacly how it works.  I think part of my problem is that I can't 
remember how to get the second half of the return values.  Does error-set 
just return a list ao all you have to do it take the cdr of it ?

	Thanks for any assistance,

Greg Sylvain			UUCP: 			...!{uunet}!umbc3!greg
Academic Computing Services	Internaet (arpa): 	greg@umbc3.umbc.edu
Systems Programmer		BITNET:		 	GREGS@UMBC