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problems loading raw_kcl (akcl 1.600)

	Hello all,

	I've been trying to bring up akcl 1.600 on a pmax running ultrix 4.2 
nd I've run into a few problems.  First off, I had to compile read.[cd] and 
iteration.[cd] without the -DVOL=volatile flag. After this, raw_kcl was 
built fine, but when I go to build saved_kcl, I get a core dump after it 
loads up autoload.lsp.

	I think the problem is that there is function call in this file for 
a function that hasn't been defined yet.  And since the error handler hasn't 
been defined yet, the image dumps core.  

	My question is has anyone else witnesed this behavior before and 
what might be causing the crash ?  (i.e. where the any functions that 
were moved around since 1.530, which is the last version that I built.)

	Thanks for any sort of reply,