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building saved_kcl under 1-530 & 1-600...

	Hello all,

	for the past week, I have been trying to build either of these 2 
version of akcl on a pmax (ultrix 4.2) with no luck.

	The problem occurs when make -f Smakefile goes off to build the 
saved_kcl image.  After it builds the raw_kcl image, it cat's init_kcl.lsp 
through it to sbuild the saved_kcl image, but the init_kcl.lsp stops 
and fails to load and of the ../lsp/file (i.e. ../lsp/setf.o,../lsp/predlib.o,
etc...)  Incidentally, most of the respective .c files in ../lsp directory have
the following code in them :

*** ${AKCL-1.530}/lsp/setf.c  is a symlink to ./dummy.c, which is done by 

	Ok then, if this is supposed to happen this way, then how/when are 
these .c files overwriten.  make just goes the the second pass without 
compiling a thing.  Consequently, the seond pass fails to compile the new 

	Any suggestions ? I'm geting tired of chacing this one down.  I've 
built akcl-1.470 and akcl-1.530 without any such problem.
I started from a fresh distribution of akcl because our other copy got wacked,
and nothing works like it did.  All I did, is untar it, add-defs dec3100 ; 
make -f Smakefile.

	Thanks alot,

P.S. the machine is  DS5000/200 running ultrix4.2

Greg Sylvain			UUCP: 			...!{uunet}!umbc3!greg
Academic Computing Services	Internaet (arpa): 	greg@umbc3.umbc.edu
Systems Programmer		BITNET:		 	GREGS@UMBC