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Re: feature or lack thereof

Re: Bug with "~/"

The following message came through the list a couple weeks ago.  I haven't
made the fix myself (don't have time to recompile from scratch) but it
should solve the problem.

Date: Sat, 14 Sep 91 13:00:32 PDT
From: Probert <probert%cs@hub.ucsb.edu>
Posted-Date: Sat, 14 Sep 91 13:00:32 PDT
To: kcl@CLI.COM
Subject: RE:  "~/file" seems to be broken in akcl.1-600

Earlier today I sent mail about  "~/file" being broken
in akcl.1-600.

I looked through the source and discovered the obvious error in unixfsys.c
at line 203.

     pwent = (n==1 ? getpwuid(getpwuid(getuid())) : getpwnam(name));

should be

     pwent = (n==1 ?          getpwuid(getuid())  : getpwnam(name));

Dave Probert

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