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loading compiled files is extremely slow on DECstations

I've never run AKCL on a DECstation before, but version 1.586 has been
installed on some 3100s here so I'm trying it out.  The first difference
I've noticed between the DECstations and the Suns is that after
recompiling some of my source code, it loads EXTREMELY slowly.

My initial list of suspects is:
(1) NFS (all my files are mounted from a Sun fileserver);
(2) The loader (ld2.0);
(3) the .o files themselves (which are larger than those produced on the

Has anyone encountered this performance discrepancy before?  How should
I proceed to identify the problem and fix it?

Kevin Rodgers                           krodgers@cs.colorado.edu
Department of Computer Science          (303) 492-8425
University of Colorado			GO BUFFS!
Boulder CO 80309-0430 USA