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kcl "some" question

The KCL "some" function seems to return simply T or NIL,
yet my copy of Steele's reference states that
   "some returns as soon as any invocation of
    predicate returns a non-nil value; some returns that value."

The KCL implemention seems to be deliberate, as in KCL I get:
   >(help 'some)
      SOME                                      [Function]
   Loading /home/local/src/lang/kcl/akcl/doc/DOC-keys.el
   Finished loading /home/local/src/lang/kcl/akcl/doc/DOC-keys.el
   Function in LISP package:
   Args: (predicate sequence &rest more-sequences)
   Returns T if at least one of the elements in SEQUENCEs
   satisfies PREDICATE; NIL otherwise.

But why?  And is there an alternative version which
follows Steele's standard?

Many thanks ...

Steve Sullivan