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defpackage macro

   From: weigert@etl.go.jp (Thomas Weigert)
   Date: 24 Mar 92 06:03:08 GMT

   Do any enhancements to AKCL exist which bring it more in
   line with the X3J13 standard (as e.g., in Steele, Common
   LISP, 2nd edition). 

   In particular, is there any definition of the "defpackage"
   macro available?

There is a semi-portable version of DEFPACKAGE available on
"atc.boeing.com" [IP:] in the /pub/lisp directory in the
"defpackage.lisp" file.  You could use that as a starting point.

It is semi-portable in that it was originally tested in older versions
of Lucid, Franz Allegro and Symbolics Common Lisps.  I'm not sure how
much work would be required to get it to work with AKCL.  It's been a
year or more since any substantive work has been done to that code.

It also contains a couple of experimental extensions to DEFPACKAGE,
:TRANSITIVELY-USE and :EXPORT-FROM.  These two extensions allow, at
package creation time, to export easily the symbols of "used"

If you make any modifications to the code, be sure to send them to me
so that I can include them for others.

Stephen L Nicoud  <stephen@boeing.com>  uw-beaver!bcsaic!stephen
Boeing Computer Services Research and Technology, Computer Science
Bellevue, Washington  USA
"I ask unananimous consent to revise and extend my remarks."