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When compiling packages that I have written, I always got an
error to the effect that certain package operations were in
a wrong place. I never bothered trying to find out what I
did wrong, until I noticed the same message when building

cc  -DVOL=  -I/home/etlaki/weigert/src/akcl-1.609/o -Bstatic -temp=. -pipe -O -c   -I../h defmacro.c
cat ../h/secondary_sun_magic defmacro.data >> defmacro.o
Compiling defstruct.lsp.
Loading ./cmpinit.lsp
Loading sys-proclaim.lisp
Finished loading sys-proclaim.lisp
Finished loading ./cmpinit.lsp
; (IN-PACKAGE 'SYSTEM) is being compiled.
;; Warning: The package operation (IN-PACKAGE 'SYSTEM) was in a bad place.
Is this something I should be concerned about, or is it
better ignored?


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