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[no subject]

I am using some software that runs on KCL and needs to be interfaced
with a module written in C.
I am new to KCL and was looking through the KCL-mail archives to
find out more on the foreign function interface in KCL. 
In particular, I am interested in knowing what extra work (if at all) 
has to be done to use the foreign function interface with a C-code 
that probably has its own memory manager (or that could use malloc).
I found one message by Paul Aoki in 88 on this issue, but couldn't find
a reply to that message.
I would also like to know if there have been any extensions to the
foreign function interface.
I would appreciate any pointers in this direction mailed directly to
me at:
	sree@cs.stanford.edu (or sreerang@sail.stanford.edu),
since I am not yet on the KCL mailing list.
Thanks very much and best regards,