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Re: Latest version of KCL/AKCL

The current version of AKCL is now 615.   This was released about
3 days ago.

It contains a number of bug fixes mentioned in the akcl-ChangeLog.   AKCL
is distributed simultaneously at

cli.com [a machine in japan]

The bandwidth from north america is usually higher to rascal.   A number
of other sites pick up this distribution, but usually with some delay.

The kcl.tar.Z file which is also required to build AKCL, has had the
readme changed to reflect new postal addresses for Hagiya and Yuasa.
It is otherwise identical.

There is also a beta version of akcl for DOS on
math.utexas.edu:pub/beta2.zip.  See the readme.dos in that
distribution.  Building from the source under dos is not yet fully
automated due to the lack of a standard make and standard shell under
dos.  The 615 sources contain most patches required.  The beta version
has successfully compiled and run maxima, nqthm, and axiom (an 800 +
file algebra system from ibm).


Here is a list of the main machines under which akcl builds automatically
from the sources.

Inserting file /public/akcl/MACHINES
---Begin File /public/akcl/MACHINES---

names for various supported machines.

* dec3100:  Decstation 3100,5000, OS=Ultrix V3.1C-0 (Rev. 42) [akcl 505]
            ULTRIX V4.2 (Rev. 96)[akcl 602] (VOL= )  
* hp300-bsd:  Hp 350, 370 [motorola 68K]  under 4.3 BSD (mt xinu)
* hp300:  Hp 350, 370 under HPUX.
* hp800:  Hp 720,730 under HPUX (version 8).  Possibly hp 800 also
* mac2:  Macintosh under AUX (unix) 
* mp386: intel 386 under System V 3 (eg microport,interactive)
* ncr: intel 386 under System V 4 (loader sfasl not done).
* ps2_aix: ibm ps2 under aix
* rios: Ibm risc 6000 under aix3.
* rt_aix: ibm rt under aix release 2.
* sgi4d: 4d silicon graphics (IRIX System V Release 3.3.1)[akcl 600]
* sgi: silicon graphics 3d versions
* sun3-os4: sun3 under os 4.03, 4.1, 4.1.1
* sun3:  Sun 3 (motorola 68K)  Sun OS  3.5
* sun4:  Sun 4,(sparc) sparctations,  sun os 4.03, 4.1, or 4.1.1
* symmetry: sequent symmetry (386 chips) DYNIX-3.0.12+
* u370: IBM 370 (3090's) under AIX
* vax: Vax under 4.3 bsd., also ultrix

---End File /public/akcl/MACHINES---