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akcl on hp9000/710


     Got akcl to run on an HP PA-RISC machine running HPUX-8.07. I set things
up as an hp800 and ran the makefile. Overall, things went smoothly except for
a problem with akcl/c/file.c .In order to get that file to compile I needed to
make one modification to akcl/h/hp800.h :

aeneas% diff -c hp800.h{,.dist}
*** hp800.h     Thu May  7 17:57:24 1992
--- hp800.h.dist        Thu May  7 15:06:08 1992
*** 64,74 ****
                error("Can't allocate.  Good-bye!.");
- /* jes : fix cause of HAVE_AOUT problem in akcl/c/file.c */
- #ifndef HAVE_AOUT
  #define HAVE_AOUT
- #endif
  #define exec header
  #define SEEK_TO_END_OFILE(fp) \
    do{struct header hdr; \
--- 64,70 ----

Without this fix, akcl/c/file.c  would not compile. Other than this change
and some warnings:

cc: "../c/main.c", line 54: warning 525: Redeclaration of identifier "initflag"\
cc: warning 414: Debug and Optimization are mutually exclusive. -g option ignor\

cc: "../c/fat_string.c", line 545: warning 951: Shift of 32 bits or more.

Loading ../cmpnew/cmpmain.lsp
Warning: COMPILE-FILE is being redefined.
Warning: COMPILE is being redefined.
Warning: DISASSEMBLE is being redefined.

the build was uneventful. The interpret comes up and appears to work. 

    There was a minor problem with the install. Somehow this entry in the 

        (cd doc ; make install "LBINDIR=$(LBINDIR)")

failed to work properly. I then ran "make install" from the doc directory itself
and everything worked. I am familiar with makefiles but not that familiar with 
HP's so I cannot say why it is that the "cd" to doc  failed.

     Hope you find these remarks helpful.


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