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ciommon lisp + prague

Hello I am an Austin Czech who wants urgently to get
AKCL into the Charles University Computer Science Department,
in Prague Czechoslovakia. Can you please help.

1) They do not seem to have FTP. (Actually I wonder why not),
which means that we will need to ask someone (who?) to try and
get them a tape. Is that possible. Do you have discounts for
countried whose exchange rates are still something to desired
(even $50 is still 1500 crowns which is about 1/3 a months 

2) I will leave for Prague tomorrow and so if you have anything
to tell me - I can be reached at:

Zuzana Dobes
c.o Ing. Arch. Pavla Kvizova
Sarecka 21
16000 Praha 6


ask for me via ::

Thanks a lot!!
Zuzana Dobes