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Installing AKCL on MIPS/RISCOS

I have attempted to install AKCL 1.615 on a Mips
running Riscos and it don't go.  I have used the 
sgi4d definitions.

I would like to here from anybody that
  1) has ever got AKCL woring on the mips.
  2) has any knowledge about the sgi4d port
  3) understands the differences between riscos and sgi.

Specifically, It dies during the initializing of raw_kcl,
after "loading ../lsp/autoload.lsp" it produces 
  "~?~&" is not of type lisp
followed by a recursive crash in universal-error-handler,
the variable + is unbound.

dbx suggested that the crash was in super_funcall, line 715, called from

I added top, evalmacros and module to lspboots to avoid any dependanceis
on old Kcl .c files that no longer work, and it then died while loading 
evalmacros.lsp with the variable ~S is unbound.  I think that this is the 
effect of any error on the raw universal error handler. 
Recompiling everything with the optimiser off had no effect.

I then wanted to find out in what state aKCL was in, so poked the following
into export.lsp, the first file to be inited:-

(print "AJB-export")
(setq si:*Notify-gbc* t)
(gbc t) ; this works
 (defun fooo () 'ooof) ; ok
(print (fooo)) ; explodes.

It dies in line 287 of funcall, and a trace print(fun, Cnil); indicates
that the function was fooo.  The line is 
	x = top[3];
-->	if(endp(x)) {
	  vs_base = vs_top

I would be greatful for any ideas on how to even go about finding the problem.

I am also installing on sun4, hp700, interactive 486 and rios, and will
report the patches that I needed to make shortly.

Anthony Berglas
Rm 503, Computer Science, Uni of Qld
Ph 07 365 2812, Australia.