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We try to compile MAXIMA with akcl. A compiler error occurs when we try to
make plot.o in ../maxima/src. GCC reported 'floating-constant out of range'.
After some debugging we have found the error:

	o Our system has IEEE floating point support. Printing the
	  MOST-POSITIVE-LONG-FLOAT in akcl gives the following result:

	  (Notice 16 decimal digits)

	o When we look at plot.c we see only 15 decimal digits at the point
	  where the MOST-POSITIVE-LONG-FLOAT is assigned to a variable.
	  It is rounded to 1.797693134862316E308 and that is too big and
	  causes a compiler error.

Is it possible to extend the output of doubles in c-files to 16 decimal digits?
Please help, so we can compile MAXIMA.
		Lars Koeller


Lars Koeller			    E-Mail: uphya001@odie.uni-bielefeld.de
Universitaet Bielefeld (Germany)	    uphya001@unibi.hrz.uni-bielefeld.de
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