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heep needed

Hi, I have a problem concerning the MAXPAGE dispalyed by function
(room). As indicated by kcl-report.tex, the MAXPAGE should be
16384 pages. But after I compile AKCL on my SUN Sparc II, when
invoking kcl, the (room) function shows that the MAXPAGE is
only 2887.  This amount is quickly exausted when loading big
lisp problems. Can someone please help me out of this.

Thanks a lot. Please email me directly. As I am not on this
mailing list  at the moment.

Zhibiao Wu, Dept. of Information System & Computer Science,
National University of Singapore, Republic of Singapore,0511.
Tel:(65) 7779046(H) Fax:(65) 7794580 Email:wuzhibia@iscs.nus.sg