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using X Window from akcl

Hi, I am trying to build a system to access some simple X window
system objects from AKCL.  We are running akcl here under a
386-based Unix (have just installed version 1.615 of AKCL).

The problem I cannot overcome is to access the X window libraries
at some level.  We have been unable to either use both CLX and XAKCL 
or even compile Lisp functions with the X window system libraries 
/usr/lib/libX.a. The key issue seems to be our inability to use faslink. 
The documentation shows how to do things with faslink, but at the
same time indicates that faslink is not available in AKCL under
Unix System V.  Is this really true and/or is there any way for
me to access X libraries from Lisp?

I would greatly appreciate any pointers you could provide.
This is for a graduate project I am working on.
Robert Marek