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	I ftp'ed the latest AKCL on DOS (AKCL 617 and DJ 109/222) to my
DOS machine and have been having some trouble getting the compiler to
work.  Whenever I compile a function or file the compiler generates
the correct C code and also seems to generate the correct object file.
But after the system call which evokes the compiler returns I get
all kinds of invalid pointer errors.  I tried appending the .data file
to the object and then restarting saved_kcl and loading the object.
It works fine.  Therefore, the C code generater works OK and the
C compile is working fine.  The problem seems to be in the system function.
If I just do (system "gcc -c try.c") and then (bye) I get a bad pointer
error after the bye.  I rebuild the entire system from scratch without
too much of a problem but it still acts the same way.  Are other people
experiencing the same problem?  Do you have any ideas on how I can fix it?
Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Blake McBride				Home (615) 790-8521
3020 Liberty Hills Drive		Work (615) 790-1088
Franklin, TN  37064			blake@netcom.com