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HELP needed with Motorola 88K SysVR4 port!


I am trying to port akcl to a Motorola 88K based machine running Motorola's
version of SysVR4. I had to hack together my own .defs and .h files, which
I reproduce below. It appears that I am successfully able to complete the
compiles for all C files, but am failing in the bootstrap phase (where akcl
tries to recompile all lisp files). I am enclosing a fragment of the make
log as well.

Could any one help me with completing this port? It seems like I am _real_
close now! Please reply directly to me since I am not on the mailing list.
======== mot.defs ========
  OFLAG	=  -O 
  LIBS	= -lm
  #NULLFILE = ../h/twelve_null (using this didn't help - sm - 5/93)
  # define this to be empty if you want to save space
  # For Motorola 88100 based system V machine
  CC = cc -DVOL=volatile -I. -I$(AKCLDIR)/o 
  #LDCC = cc -Wl,-D -Wl,${DBEGIN}
  LDCC = cc
  #MAINDIR = /usr2/wfs/kcl
  CFLAGS	= -c $(DEFS)  -I$(AKCLDIR)/h
  # The fast loading currently works for ATT and BSD with 68000 or 386
  # architectures.  Unless you have these, leave these undefined.
  # RSYM	= rsym
  # SFASL	= $(ODIR)/sfasl.o
  # use default versions ...
  #MPFILES= $(MPDIR)/mpi-386.o   $(MPDIR)/libmport.a
  # When using SFASL it is good to have (si::build-symbol-table)
  INITFORM=(setq compiler::*cc* "cc -DVOL=volatile")
======== mot.h ==========
  #define MOT
  #include "att.h"
  #undef SFASL
  #define	IEEEFLOAT
  #define SET_REAL_MAXPAGE \
  	real_maxpage= ulimit(3)/PAGESIZE; \
  	if (real_maxpage > MAXPAGE) \
  		real_maxpage = MAXPAGE;
  /* include some low level routines for maxima */
  #define CMAC
  #define RELOC_FILE "rel_coff.c"
  /*  FIONREAD not supported */

Finally, here are the last few lines of the make log:

	 if  fgrep ASSIGN-DOWN ../cmpnew/cmpvar.c > /dev/null ; \
		then make raw_kcl1 "KCL=kcl" "ODIR=../o" "EXTRAS=" "LIBS=-lm" "LDCC=cc" "MPFILES=../mp/mpi.o ../mp/mp2.o  ../mp/libmport.a" ; \
		else make raw_kcl1 "SYS_KCL=sys_boot.o" ; fi 
	cc  -o raw_kcl ../o/main.o ../o/alloc.o ../o/gbc.o  ../o/bitop.o ../o/typespec.o ../o/eval.o  ../o/macros.o ../o/lex.o ../o/bds.o  ../o/frame.o ../o/predicate.o ../o/reference.o  ../o/assignment.o ../o/bind.o ../o/let.o  ../o/conditional.o ../o/block.o ../o/iteration.o  ../o/mapfun.o ../o/prog.o ../o/multival.o  ../o/catch.o ../o/symbol.o ../o/cfun.o  ../o/cmpaux.o ../o/package.o ../o/big.o  ../o/number.o ../o/num_pred.o ../o/num_comp.o  ../o/num_arith.o ../o/num_sfun.o ../o/num_co.o  ../o/num_log.o ../o/num_rand.o ../o/earith.o  ../o/character.o  ../o/sequence.o  ../o/list.o ../o/hash.o ../o/array.o  ../o/string.o ../o/structure.o ../o/toplevel.o  ../o/file.o ../o/read.o ../o/backq.o  ../o/print.o ../o/format.o ../o/pathname.o  ../o/unixfsys.o ../o/unixfasl.o ../o/error.o  ../o/unixtime.o ../o/unixsys.o ../o/unixsave.o  ../o/unixint.o ../o/funlink.o   ../o/fat_string.o ../o/run_process.o  ../o/init_pari.o ../mp/mpi.o ../mp/mp2.o  ../mp/libmport.a   ../lsp/defmacro.o ../lsp!
/evalmacros.o ../lsp/top.o  ../lsp
/module.o ../lsp/predlib.o ../lsp/setf.o  ../lsp/arraylib.o ../lsp/assert.o ../lsp/defstruct.o  ../lsp/describe.o ../lsp/iolib.o ../lsp/listlib.o  ../lsp/mislib.o ../lsp/numlib.o ../lsp/packlib.o  ../lsp/seq.o ../lsp/seqlib.o ../lsp/trace.o  ../lsp/sloop.o  ../lsp/debug.o  ../cmpnew/cmpinline.o ../cmpnew/cmputil.o ../cmpnew/cmptype.o  ../cmpnew/cmpbind.o ../cmpnew/cmpblock.o ../cmpnew/cmpcall.o  ../cmpnew/cmpcatch.o ../cmpnew/cmpenv.o ../cmpnew/cmpeval.o  ../cmpnew/cmpflet.o ../cmpnew/cmpfun.o ../cmpnew/cmpif.o  ../cmpnew/cmplabel.o ../cmpnew/cmplam.o ../cmpnew/cmplet.o  ../cmpnew/cmploc.o ../cmpnew/cmpmap.o ../cmpnew/cmpmulti.o  ../cmpnew/cmpspecial.o ../cmpnew/cmptag.o ../cmpnew/cmptop.o  ../cmpnew/cmpvar.o ../cmpnew/cmpvs.o ../cmpnew/cmpwt.o sys_boot.o -lc -lm ../o/akcllib.a
	../xbin/if-exists /usr/u9/wfs/schelter "../xbin/inc-version"
	../xbin/if-exists saved_kcl "rm -f saved_kcl"
	cat init_kcl.lsp | \
	sed -e "s"DATE"Version(`cat ../majvers`.`cat ../minvers`) `date`g" \
	-e 'ssaved_kclsaved_kclg' \
	-e 'slinks t)links t)(setq compiler::*cc* "cc -DVOL=volatile -I. -I/user3/groups/PSG/akcl/o ")(setq compiler::*cc* "cc -DVOL=volatile")g' \
	-e "sAKCLDIR/user3/groups/PSG/akclg" \
	-e "s(defun lisp-imp(setq si::*akcl-version* '`cat ../minvers`)(defun lisp-imp'g" | \
	./raw_kcl ../unixport/ 
KCl (Kyoto Common Lisp)  June 1987  16384 pages
loading ../lsp/export.lsp
loading ../lsp/defmacro.lsp
Initializing ../lsp/evalmacros.o
Unexpected end of ~S.
Lisp initialization failed.
The second pass of make failed to compile the new compiler

Thank you in advance for any help.

Sharad Mehrotra
408 Computer & Systems Research Laboratory	Net: s-mehrotra@uiuc.edu
1308 West Main Street				Tel: (217) 244-0280
Urbana, IL 61801-2307	       			Fax: (217) 244-1351