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Installation problems

>>>>> On Fri, 18 Jun 93 11:58:21 +0200, deharbe@granada.imag.fr (David Deharbe) said:

David> I got the akcl-1-615 version, and compiled it with gcc2.3.3 on
David> a SS10.  The installation worked with the cc compiler, but I
David> need to compile it with gcc, for a student here has to
David> integrate a C-ANSI library within KCL. I included below what
David> happens while the compilation (it is as you can see, a second
David> pass of compilation, but the error occurs in the same place in
David> both cases)

[... stuff deleted ...]

David> sh: 8596 Illegal instruction - core dumped 

David, try running the command to build saved_kcl in your regular
shell and watch for the error reported then. sh if invoked by make
gives bogus messages which don't reflect the real error occured in
raw_kcl. Maybe you can use a debugger and examine the core file to 
get more information about the type and location of the error.

What do you mean by 'integrating a C-ANSI library within KCL'?  
Will it be part of the saved image in place of the routines contained
in libc.a? Can't you build KCL with cc and only use gcc for the ANSI
parts of your code?

Or consider the variable COMPILER::*CC* which on my system (ISC 3.0) 
is set to 
"gcc -fwritable-strings -DVOL=volatile -I/usr2/linguistik/akcl-1.530/o "
It is set during the build of saved_kcl but can be redefined to any
other command.

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