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REMINDER Lisp Users and Vendors Conference

This is a correction to the mail I sent a few days ago.

	This is a reminder of the Lisp Users and Vendors Conference
which will be held August 9-13, 1993 in Cambridge, MA.
	For more information, and to check availability of seats
in the Monday and Tuesday tutorial sessions, contact:

	ALU c/o An Event to Remember
	P.O. Box 294
	Malvern, PA 19355-0294

	Phone 215-651-2990
	Email luv-93-organizer@ai.sri.com

Contrary to what the earlier message said, registrations *are* still
being accepted by mail until the conference, and by fax after July 15,
at the on-site rate.  However, they must arrive by August 1 or they will
have to be redone on-site, including repayment.

It is vital that we receive as many registrations as possible prior to
the conference to ensure that we have the proper amount of materials,
hotel rooms, meeting space, money, etc.  If you are planning on
attending, *please* register as soon as possible.