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Installing AKCL on VAX

Dear AKCL users,

Does anybody know which versions of AKCL is it possible to build on
Vax running ULTRIX V4.3? I have tried akcl-1-619 and akcl-1-615, but
running make -f Smakefile causes a cc error while compiling akcl/c/unixfasl,
starting at
ccom: Error: ../c/unixfasl.c, line 71: unknown size
        struct exec header, newheader;
(a few warnings about unreached lines are being produced before that).

Excuse me please for asking such a technical question to such a wide
community, but may be somebody has already encountered a similar situation,
and knows a solution out of it.

I'd appreciate any help or suggestions. In case you have any, please email 
them directly to me at karlis@mii.lu.lv since I'm not yet a reader of 
kcl list.

Thanks in advance,

Karlis Cerans
Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science
University of Latvia
Riga, Latvia