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I have created a new mailing list called LISP-FORUM which is the
approximate union of BUG-LISPM, NIL, and BUG-LISP. It exists only
as LISP-FORUM@MC -- additions/deletions should be done on MC's mailing
list file. Let's use this to discuss cruft like what follows in paragraph 2. 

Paragraph 2: More on what was discussed in Paragraph 1
Is there anyone that is opposed to having #/char or #\char return a character
object (on systems with no char objects, a fixnum; on systems with char 
objects, a NON-FIXNUM char object)? JONL tells me that the Lisp Machine 
people are the ones that have to be convinced in order for it to be put in.
Can we hear feedback from anyone that objects to this? ie, people who rely
intimately on #/ returning a fixnum and whose code will be expected to be
transportable and whose code will be broken by such a change? I so far 
haven't heard anyone but JONL voice a negative opinion on this and he only
to say that the LispM people would never go along with it. As JAR points out,
no changes to code would be needed except to code that wants to be compatible
with new systems that offer char objects.