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Re: Splicing macros & CGOL

Some time ago, QUUX and I proposed a capability for a stream
to be a READ stream, rather than an CHARACTER stream;  as the
latter bufferes up characters from some real I/O channel,
so the former would buffer up lisp s-expressions by reading
 from some lower-level character stream.  Your CGOL problem
seems entirely a metter of having the capability to create
and use such streams -- parsing the CGOL syntax is not much
of a problem, for that can be written in a rather small amount of
LISP code (especialy if one has a token-reader, for which
MacLISP's ordinary reader could be used);  the real problem
as you outlined it was the necessity of reading multiple
forms "all at once" at top level.
    Given an ordinary character stream, there should be a smple
way to compose the read stream over it.