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I agree that toplevel function calls don't want to get compiled, but there's
no reason not to flatten PROGN's. People could always pick constructs like:
PROG1 to put their forms in if they didn't want them to compile. Eg,

	(DEFUN F (X) X)
	(DEFUN G (X) X) ...)

(F ...)


which is rather flavorful because it even gives you an obvious place to put
a comment about the stuff in the form. Even if PROG1 wanted to flatten out,
which I don't see any reason for, you could always use (EVAL '...) or could
bootstrap your way into a function that could help you out. eg,


  (DEFUN F (X) X)
  (DEFUN G (X) X)

which presumably would not get compiled anyway, since it's a random function
reference. Then later you could do


and the world would be back to normal. Given the ease with which it is possible
to trick the compiler into not compiling something, I don't understand why
(PROGN 'COMPILE ...) was ever invented either.