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Re: Definition Syntax

If anyone is interested in the results of a couple years of experience
with a syntax like the one that has been proposed over the last few
days, they might take a look at the LSB (Layered System Building) manual.
The basic syntax for defining routines is:
(define-public-routine (foo a (fixnum b)(unquoted c)(optional d 'd d-supplied)
                            (one-or-more-of e))
    (aux-bindings (temp1 99) temp2)
    (declarations ...))
In place of public, there is private and intrasystem defining the extent to
which the routine should be available.  In place of routine there are macros,
open-codable-routines, and compile-time-macros.  There are also other keywords
and reasonable defaults and there are similar facilities for defining
special variables.
				-Bill Long