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    Date: 4 FEB 1981 2049-EST
    From: DLW at MIT-AI (Daniel L. Weinreb)

    I agree with Allan.

Well, you people are really something. ALLAN made a
statement before he sent that note along the lines of
"its better to insult a group of people then to single out

I remember sending a note to BUG-LISPM a while back about
how destructuring was missing from DEFUN, but was in DEFMACRO.
[Timely note: Recall the recent flaming about how the Lispm people
 have been trying to keep DEFMACRO compatible with DEFUN] 

Mind you, I had no idea of the amount of AXE-GRINDING involved
in that when I sent the note! What reply did I get from DLW,
well, you started to explain to me about CAR and CDR and about
what computers did. Typical. If you can't explain something, try
and make the person who asked the question feel as small as possible,
and maybe they will go away.

Why don't you call a spade a spade here. The objection is
that many people have been talking about things which they
have no STAKE in.