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Re: #\EOF ... Yes, again.

Another point KMP and I discussed is that the manifest constant for
end-of-file really ought to be a "#\" (rather than some random symbol
used with #. or something) is that while the end-of-file value is not
precisely a character, it is in the same name space as characters; it is
one of the things TYI can return.  It is as much a character as the
Pascal nil or PL/1 null pointer is a pointer.  If you were to switch
character sets, and make all the things like "#/A" and "#\RETURN" have
different values, you would also want to change the end-of-file value;
they go hand in hand.  The end-of-file value and the rest of the
characters are in the same name space.  Therefore, the right way to
represent the end-of-file value is with #\EOF.