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Re: Desirable (?) macro

    Date: 13 January 1981 19:23-EST
    From: Earl A. Killian <EAK at MIT-MC>
        Date: 13 January 1981 1414-EST (Tuesday)
        From: Guy.Steele at CMU-10A
        (Actually, I would rather write
        but such is life.)
    FROTZ could be a macro that defines a gensym appropriately and
    returns it.  Now if there were anonymous macros like there are
    anonymous functions (i.e. LAMBDA), then it'd be even more

Maybe macro-operators, like operators, would be useful things
in a language.  (Operators, or functionals, take arguments and
produce a function.  A macro-operator would take arguments
and produce a parameterized macro.  Interesting idea...