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Kent, the real GJC quote on macsyma tree walking actually goes
something on the line of the same semantic tree walker doing
the various kinds of evaluations found in macsyma, EXPAND, TRIGEXPAND,
(An an embarrassingly obvious quote I'm afraid). 

On another note,

Q: If you had a choice between:
   [1] writing a good macsyma->lisp translator.
   [2] Documenting and packaging the lisp system which macsyma runs 
       in so that J-random user will be able to use it.
What would you do?

Note: To make it easy to type in various formuli some kind of
parsing macro, e.g. (FORTRAN "    X:=3*X+Z[J] "
                             " Q[J]:=X*3^J    ")
may be made available. 

I must attribute the name for the macro to SOLEY, it means
FORumula TRANslator. Whats the general feeling on that kind of
feature? Could we even have an APL macro for us APL fans?