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    Date: 21 OCT 1980 1222-EDT
    From: GJC at MIT-MC (George J. Carrette)

    You know what I could use many times? LABELS, ala SCHEME,
    however, what would suit me most of those times would
    be a simple extension to PROG, a GOSUB ala BASIC.
    . . .
    Question: Is this a reasonable feature to have?

I find it hard to believe you're serious.  There are so many things
wrong with it that I can hardly begin to list them all.  So I won't.

LABELS would be easier to implement given the internals of the compilers
I've dealt with.  A non-correctly-closing version of LABELS whose functions 
merely shared the lexical environment (hmm, sounds like a LET binding 
&FUNCTION variables) isn't very hard to implement.  But don't hold your
breath waiting for one in Maclisp.