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Re: Line numbers

    Date: 23 OCT 1980 1933-EDT
    From: JNC at MIT-MC (J. Noel Chiappa)
    To:   LISP-FORUM
    Re:   Line numbers

    	Clearly, if we are going to start putting numbers on some lines,
    we should do it to all of them, for convenience of accessing specific
    parts of the code with advanced editors. While we're at it, we could
    remove a lot of the hassles involved with the long-super-hairy-variable-
    names-that-you-can-never-remember-quite-right and implement only
    single character variable names. Comments?

Yeah, I have some comments, you are being a real ass hole.
Somebody brings up an issue dealing with the efficient implementation
of a compiled finite state machine in Lisp and the jokers come out of
the woods, demonstrating their total lack of understanding of the
programming problems being addressed. DLW and GLS were on track
when they joked about PDP10-like machine instructions, 
"it sure would be nice to be able to generate PUSHJ/POPJ in
maclisp, other than at function-call boundaries", gosh, that
was the whole point. They were not thrown off by my mention of
BASIC. Anway, the basic need expressed is no joke.