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Re: [DWS: LISP info requested]

    Date: 19 February 1981 18:22-EST
    From: Earl A. Killian <EAK>
    To:   LISP-FORUM
    Re:   [DWS: LISP info requested]

    Date: 19 Feb 1981 (Thursday) 0935-PST
    From: DWS at LLL-MFE

    Can either of you point me towards references detailing the
    trickery necessary to implement lisp?  Somebody mentioned something
    a while back about a book called something like "Anatomy of a LISP",
    but I haven't been able to track it down.  I'm interested in getting
    a lisp running on a Z80 CP/M system.  Thanks.

    -- Dave Smith

AI Memo 420, Data Representation in PDP-10 Maclisp by Guy L Steele Jr.
A number of other AI memos by GLS and GJS on lisp implementations
are also interesting. All these memos have the advantage of being very