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Re: LOOP fan mail

You missed one significant point and one example.
You failed to count the space taken by the breakoff function:
  pname:  6 words (3 fixnum, 3 list), although this could be longer
	or shorter depending on the genprefix.
  symbol:  3 words (1 header, 2 sy block)
  plist:  2 words
  and one cons cell to intern it.
That makes the space comparison 23. words, not 11.  2 of those words
will not be shared (symbol header, and cons cell in the obarray).
In any case, a more appropriate comparison with the open-coded map is:
which happens to take 26. words.  That is because there is a special
optimization for an NCONC of a call to LIST;  fooling it by using
(LIST* X (GET X 'VERSION) NIL) takes 27. words, same as the open-compiled
MAP, which i believe it emulates fairly closely.