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Re: Using macros in Mapping functions

  I just finished reading Ken Pitman's Lisp Conference article on
macros and Fexpr's in which he points out that a difference between
macros and Fexpr's is that you can apply Fexpr's, which you cannot do
so with macros.  This is indeed a significant point.  I have been
irritated for a long time by having to write forms like the following


when I would much rather write


I would like to ask now why the second form above cannot be taken as
a shorthand for the first (using a gensym for the variables)?
It seems unreasonable to force the user to write the first form
or, even worse,


if the interpreter and compiler could systematically accept the
shorter form as a valid abbreviation for the longer form.  If I am not
missing some obvious (or subtle) reason why Lisp can't support macros
used in this way, may I propose this as an innovation for future

       yt, Chuck Rich.