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Re: DEFSUBST clarification

    Date: 14 NOV 1980 0434-EST
    From: RMS at MIT-AI (Richard M. Stallman)

    ... I don't know why KMP talks about DEFSUBST as if the definition
    of DEFSUBST included a guarantee that it will evaluate arguments
    twice or in the wrong order.  I never intended that to be part
    of its contract.  DEFSUBST is that which defines an open-codable
    function. The rest is a matter of how it is implemented. ...
I didn't say it guaranteed anything one way or another. I said it didn't
guarantee things which need to be guaranteed by some function which really
tries to solve the problem that RICH was addressing. I think it's a cute,
but hackish solution. Its current definition provides little or no insight 
into what the problem really is or how it can be solved, and it requires 
the macro-definer to do a partial compilation (deciding if double-evaluation
of args will occur and/or if it will matter, etc).