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Re: /\ Mess, upward compatibility

    Date: 25 JAN 1981 2259-EST
    From: Moon at MIT-AI (David A. Moon)
    To:   DLA at MIT-EECS
    cc:   LISP-FORUM at MIT-AI
    Re:   /\ Mess, upward compatibility

    I was assuming that if this change is made, in the Lisp machine
    there will be a new -*- entry, Syntax:Lisp meaning the new
    standard, Syntax:Oldslash meaning the old way.  This would
    minimize the immediate need for painful file conversion.  We could
    even defer making Syntax:Lisp the default for a while. This would
    affect both the Lisp reader and the editor.  This Syntax: property
    is scheduled to be installed anyway, to ease other syntax
    extensions, mostly by users rather than the system.

    Unfortunately things aren't so easy in the case of Maclisp and

I don't see how Maclisp could possible win if you expect it to read
and process what is in a read-time ";" comment. Does a LOAD on the
LISPM really go outside of the language and parse what is in a ";"
comment? Shouldn't that info be in package definitions, or at least be
lisp readable in the file? With all the language purity and philosophy
arguments I hear from Lispm people, I really wonder sometimes.