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Re: more on file prop lists

i might also add that a few details that dlw left out of his clarification:

 ";" and ":" can't occur in "indicator" or "value"


  currently no file property list hacking code claims that it will do the
  right thing with multiple-line property lists.

hence, my concern was over the problem of parsing a much more complex
structure in a file plist; something that had not been well-advertised was
that a file plist can contain no such complex structure, so it is manageable.

of course, this doesn't say that a more elaborate structures in the file
plist might not be useful some day, but since no one has needed them in the
2 years or so that lispms have been in use, i suppose there is no reason to
really push for the introduction of such primitives until we get some more
experience with the power of simple file properties ... so i am content for
now with dlw's explanation.