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Re: [This reply went to SHRAGE@WHARTON-10]

We are research groups and the Lisp dialects we use are a research vehicle
toward other goals -- they are not the goals in and of themselves. As such,
they must be something which can adapt to fit our needs, not something which
we have bound ourselves to and must bend our programs to match. That our Lisp
dialects are distributed to the outside world is a spin-off. We don't market
Lisp. If/when Lisp is marketed, the people who do it can worry about 
standardization. We have few enough people being paid little enough to get
as much as possible done in as short a time possible; those people need to
spend that time worrying about more important things than adherence to

I believe your commentary is in part motivated by the scarcity of documentation
on Maclisp and LispM lisp. Reasonable documentation will help significantly.
We are working to produce some. I have neither the time nor the interest to
do more than that.